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Dry Eye Center Keratoconus & Specialty Contacts Low Vision Care

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Dry Eye Center Keratoconus & Specialty Contacts Low Vision Care

Your Seattle Specialty Contact Lens Center

If you have Keratoconus, severe dry eyes, or irregular astigmatism from eye surgery or an eye injury, you may have difficulty wearing contact lenses. Many of our patients have been told by other optometrists that they are not a candidate for contact lenses. Our optometrist Dr. Ross Cusic offers patients from the Seattle area specialized contact lenses including Scleral lenses and specialty contacts for dry eyes. Using the latest technology, techniques, and contact lenses Dr. Cusic is able to provide comfortable contacts for even the most complex cases. We have patients from all over Seattle including: Kirkland, Kent, Bellevue, Mill Creek, Carnation, Redmond, Woodinville and Monroe.


Hard To Fit Patients Welcome

If you have a complicated contact lens fitting, visit our Kirkland practice, the leading Scleral Lens practice in the Seattle area. We fit for patients with: Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD), post-transplant, Presbyopia, Corneal Scarring, Contacts for Myopia Control and post-LASIK Ectasia.


From the first greeting to the follow up, we believe that each patient deserves the very best experience from the optometrist, optical, and staff. Vision is such a fundamental element of who we are and how we experience life. We take our responsibility very seriously.


At Optical Images our eye doctor and staff are committed to providing the absolute highest standard of care. This level of commitment is evident in every aspect of what we do, including the training of our eye doctor, cutting-edge medical technology, and taking the required time needed for every patient.


We specialize in contact lenses for patients who experience discomfort and dry eyes from contact lenses. Depending on the reason for your discomfort our Optometrist Dr. Cusic will recommend one of two options for dry eyes. The first option is daily disposables such as Dailies Total 1 which prevent irritating deposit build up, are ultra breathable, and integrate hydrating components into the design. The second option is Scleral Lenses, which are custom made contact lenses using the most advanced custom design, which retains moisture due to their unique design and reservoir as well as vault over the eye reducing friction from contact or movement.


Multifocal contact lenses are a great option for patients with Presbyopia. Presbyopia is an element of aging usually occurring in the late 40’s which makes seeing close difficult. We tend to associate Presbyopia with reading glasses, however, multifocal contacts offer a built-in solution which utilizes different powers in different parts of the lens to allow you to effortlessly switch back and forth from close, medium, and far tasks. Multifocal contacts are available in soft and rigid gas permeable options.


Our contact lens center offers patients a wide variety of contact lenses for your needs. Toric, RGP, GP, OrthoK, Hybrid, Piggyback, Scleral and more options are available. After your contact lens eye exam, Dr. Cusic will talk with you about the options that are best suited for your particular needs. Depending on the situation there may be more than one option that is a good fit and Dr. Cusic will explain the benefits and weaknesses of each option. Elements to consider are the comfort, breath-ability, clarity of vision, ease of use, and ease of care.


Scleral Lenses For Irregular Corneas In Seattle


Keratoconus is a condition that can develop in the pre-teen years when the cornea starts to change its shape. Associated with these changes are extreme sensitivity to light or glare, blurry vision (like being unable to view the blackboard), and sudden decreases in vision. To get a better picture of Keratoconus, imagine that the top white surface of an eye having lots of ridges and bumps that would prevent a regular contact lens to rest on and adhere to the eye surface. These surface variations are unique to each individual, where some may be able to get by with contacts or glasses, while for others, hard lenses or scleral lenses are the preferred alternative.

Because of the irregular shape of the cornea, it is extremely important that a person with Keratoconus has accurate measurements including both a 3D map of the corneal and the thickness.

The Challenge Of Keratoconus

The real challenge for patients with Keratoconus isn’t from a lack of alternatives but the constant change in prescriptions nearly every year. In certain cases of Keratoconus, the changes become so extreme that people turn to Corneal transplants.

For those living with Keratoconus, finding a knowledgeable and reliable optometrist with the latest technology is essential, especially since there are solutions for visual comfort that may come up short. Dr. Ross Cusic at Optical Images is one of the leaders in the Seattle area for fitting scleral lenses for Keratoconus patients and providing the desired comfort and clarity that’s not found anywhere else. People often visit Dr. Cusic for a second opinion about their Keratoconus or irregular corneas just to be sure that their current prescription is accurate.

Options For Patients With Keratoconus

While hybrid contact lenses supply a better quality of vision for irregularly shaped eyes, the hard components used may not provide comfort for some. Patients could turn to scleral lenses, which are large gas permeable contact lenses that cover the entire corneal surface of the eye, ensuring greater comfort.

Fortunately, at our Seattle area practice, Dr. Cusic provides a variety of specialty contact lens treatments that can be custom tailored for nearly any case of Keratoconus, irregularly shaped corneas, or extreme astigmatisms. Through years of experience and a knowledgeable, caring staff, Optical Images provides the very best care for patients with Keratoconus in the Seattle Area. To receive the best fit possible for your eyes, schedule a consultation with us today.

Meet Our Seattle Optometrist

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Dr. Ross Cusic has over 20 years of experience helping patients with Keratoconus, Dry Eyes, and Corneal Irregularities. His passion for helping others, combined with the new tools that allow for custom contact lenses, encouraged him to invest in the most sophisticated technology to provide help for patients with complex vision issues such as patients with severe dry eyes and Keratoconus.