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Here are some helpful and time saving tips before your appointment

An important update to our policies

To comply with our Covid-19 guidelines, we can no longer provide the option of filling out or reviewing your paperwork in the office. All new patients must complete the online patient registration form at least 48 hours prior to their appointment or the appointment will potentially be rescheduled. All existing patients will be provided with an access code to review their personal information and update privacy forms.

Due to the new guidelines on how many people can be present in the office at one time, we ask that you arrive at your appointment 10 minutes early in order to check-in. We can no longer grace patients that arrive late to their appointments, if you are going to be 10 or more minutes late, we will have to reschedule.

If you are a new patient, please fill out the online patient information form: Click here.

What to bring with you to the exam:

1. Your medical insurance card (it is different than vision insurance)
2. Your old or current eyeglasses
3. Any eyedrops you regularly use
4. A list of your medications 
5. Your sunglasses. We can check to see if they have enough UV protection.
6. If you would like computer glasses, measure the distance between the computer screen and your eyes.

For contact lens wearers:

1. If you are a new patient and wear contact lenses, bring in the contact lens packaging or boxes with contact lens brand, power and base curve (BC). If you ran out and do not know your power, call your previous office and ask them to fax/email it to us.
2. Wear your contact lenses in if you want to update/order contact lenses.
3. Don’t forget to bring in back-up pair of eyeglasses.

For our location and directions to our office, click here.

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