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Regaining Visual Activity For Patients With Macular Degeneration In Washington

Our low vision doctor, Dr. Ross Cusic, can help patients with Macular Degeneration regain visual activity so you can go back to doing the things you want to do such as drive, read, watch TV, use your phone, make out faces and more.


How Can I Drive With Macular Degeneration?

Central vision is very important for driving. Unfortunately, since macular degeneration causes central vision loss, driving becomes difficult or impossible with a central blind spot. Nonetheless, there are low vision glasses that can help enhance your vision.

This involves mounting a miniature binocular called a bioptic telescope, on your eyeglasses. This will help you drive as you will be able to recognize the color of traffic lights and see street signs. Although, it is important to undergo a specialized training program before you are allowed to drive in Washington.

How Can I Read With Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration causes a central blind spot which makes it tough to read small print. What’s more, your eyes will continue to struggle as you focus on new words. Hence, reading will be very slow.

To enhance your reading abilities, our low vision doctor, Dr. Ross Cusic, will recommend the right low vision glasses for you. This can include low vision magnifying reading glasses or prismatic eyeglasses. These low vision glasses will provide high-powered magnification that will lessen the effect of the central blind spot.

How Can I Watch TV With Macular Degeneration?

watching old woman 640×427Furthermore, macular degeneration patients may find it hard to watch TV. The options they have are:

  • Sitting closer to the TV to enlarge and spread the image across a peripheral retina.
  • Purchasing a TV that has a very large screen and sharper quality for clearer images.
  • The use of a telescopic system or other low vision aids to provide magnification when viewing the television. They also feature special tints and coatings to help reduce glare, improve light transmission, and improve contrast.

At Low Vision Center At Optical Images, we have the ideal low vision glasses for you at our Seattle low vision center.

How Can I Use My Phone With Macular Degeneration?

248A0058Like other activities which require light, patients with macular degeneration may find it difficult to operate their phone. You may have to move your mobile devices very close to your eyes. You can also magnify your fonts to operate the phone. When you visit our low vision center, we will recommend low vision glasses that will help enhance your vision while improving light transmission and reducing glare.

How Can I Make Out Faces?

Another serious challenge you can face as an AMD patient is making out faces. Due to the central blind spot, every image, object, or face directly in front of you will appear blurry. Although, you will be able to recognize those you are familiar with using their voice, shape or walking posture, you will need special low vision glasses to make out new faces.

Contact Us Today

If you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration, there is still hope for you. Contact us today at Low Vision Center At Optical Images. Our low vision doctor, Dr. Ross Cusic will be available to speak with you and discuss your options. We will carry out a comprehensive eye exam to determine your eye condition. If you are diagnosed with AMD, we will provide you with personalized low vision glasses to help you regain visual activity and begin to do the things you want to do again.

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