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Low Vision Testimonials

My life had changed that day in May of 2011 when I got my new bioptic glasses.

I was born completely blind in 1969 luckily for me a doctor looked at me and noticed I could not see and did experimental surgery. Since then I have had a multitude of surgeries. I was told to enjoy what I have because I would NEVER see any better, so...
- - Wesley H.

Thank you for putting some living back into my life

Thank you for putting some living back into my life. I could never have done this without these reading glasses. Now I can write this letter and solve the daily cryptogram in the newspaper....
- Irv P.

One bonus is how I can watch TV so much better

I would like to tell you how pleased I am to have some eyesight back again. I now have confidence I can drive safely and also recognize people again. I can now read road signs. One bonus is how I can watch TV so much better. Before I had to...
- Norvin L.

Whoever invented these glasses was/or is a genius.

You certainly should be happy because you are helping so many desperate people. I can’t tell you how much I love my glasses. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I wouldn’t be writing this letter I can tell you. Whoever invented these glasses was/or is a genius. --...
- Molly P.

They are a blessing.

I am extremely pleased with the glasses I purchased in November. The more I use the reading glasses, the faster I can read. They are a blessing. Patient in Kalispell, MT...
- Marilyn C.,

This is just great.

I would be happy to give a referral at any time. --Patient In Marysville, WA...
- Evelyn S.

This has totally changed my life.

I was a patient of yours back in July/August. I have Stargardt's Disease and you fitted me with bioptic lenses. I just wanted to inform you that as of last week I got my Oregon driver's license. This has totally changed my life. Thanks for doing what you do. --...
- Midge

I have come to depend on them completely for all types of driving.

I am so excited to be able to wear the new “Binocular Telescope” glasses, which are being used mostly for driving. I have come to depend on them completely for all types of driving. --Patient from Vancouver, WA...
- Gil B.

You improved my life

Dr. Cusic, Thank you so much for your kindness. You improved my life. My mother would like to express her gratitude for getting some vision back into her life. She can now see a person's face and can see to watch television more clearly. She can now read again which...
- Bunny L., Delta, BC

An extraordinary terrible feeling when you lose your independence

It is an extraordinary terrible feeling when you lose your independence. I lost mine when my driver’s license was revoked. Why? The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) was changed reducing the visual acuity limits for drivers who have impairment to their vision. Even though my vision has been stable for many...
- Marty K., Port Orchard, WA

I enjoy reading again,  Truly thankful! 

I cannot express how thankful I am for my low vision eyewear.  The more days that go by, the more things I notice that I can now do.   I enjoy reading again and have realized I could not have without your help.  Truly thankful!  --...
- K Johnson.
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